ALL sales are final, no returns and refund. If there is issues or defects, then it is under products warranty.

All our furnitures(not including accessories and mattress) have one year limited warranty, customer has to bring the products to the store so that we can repair it or exchange it. The warranty does not cover any pickup or delivery.

Sofas warranty: only cover the inside structures like frames,feet,springs,hardwares; but not cover any fabric,leather,seams and other surface materials

dining tables,chairs,cabinets,stands,bed frames warranty: all the structures,frames,mechanic parts are covered, but the scratches on surfaces are not covered.

Mattresses has ten years limited warranty, which cover the springs, foams and inside materials, but not cover top, bottom and side fabric.

All products warrany is limited to the original purchaser, and all warranty can’t be transferred to other person or third party.