Storage Beds

Storage beds were viewed as orthopedic shoes of furniture; hideous-looking but sensible solution for a real problem. The times have changed, and now, you can find really attractive storage beds. So gorgeous that you just want to have them in your home, even if space is not an issue.

Storage beds are a practical solution for those who have a space problem in their homes. Many of us don’t have spacious homes, and are always short on closet space that can accommodate extra clothes in them. Even if not extra clothes (because clothes are never enough), there might be space issues because in Canada the weather is cold for most of the year- almost throughout the year. And winter closet always requires more room. Sweaters- Jackets- Thermal suits- socks- gloves- caps- scarves-shawls- and what not.

With storage beds, you can not only store clothes, but also extra linens, pillows, or blankets in them. This is one hot way of making your rooms proper guest rooms. Whatever your reason is for purchasing a storage bed, there is a wide variety of storage beds at Future Furniture, from where you can pick storage bed. From modern and sharp-design contemporary beds to upholstered ones, you can choose any as per your liking and taste. Here is a list of options for storage beds in all styles and price ranges, which can help you decide the next piece for your home.

Storage Bed Vancouver BC

This evergreen classic piece is a real piece for everyone with storage issue. The classic- evergreen- headboard is the main reason to influence majority’s decision to purchase this elegant piece of furniture. With its plain and simple design, this bed is perfect for any kind of interior décor. While other storage beds look bulky, this one looks slim and sharp. The classic design is the reason it will never go out of fashion- you can keep it a lifetime.

Seattle Storage Bed

This one is a treat for those who are really particular about aesthetics and design. It has a upholstered lived-in linen. It has a pattern headboard which gives a lush, regal look. The sleek, sharp and elegant design does not only solve your space issue but also makes your room look spacious. Without any fuss or extra details, this storage bed will enhance your room’s appearance.
If you want to add color to your room, you can get the customized bed in the color of your choice.

Platform Bed Richmond BC

This genius idea for acute storage problem is surefire thing to sell on its own- no words needs. It has 8 storage boxes beneath it to give you more liberty for categorizing your items. The texture headboard adds sharpness to its appearance. This storage bed is for really small and cozy rooms which don’t offer room for drawing out of drawes.

Miami storage bed

This grandoise bed is designed in classic white color to make it appear regal and elegant. The white color makes the bulky look feel lighter and cleaner. The storage drawers beneath, and the regal headboard make the bed a real statement piece for your accomodation.

We have helped thousands of clients for their storage issues with our elegant beds. These beds not only address the storage issue, but also enhance aesthetic appeal. With our team of dedicated designers, we not only offer ready-made beds but also customize them as per your needs.

To make the purchase decision easy for you, here are few tips from our furniture designers:

Tips for Bedroom Storage

  • You might underestimate the importance of drawer dividers, but when it comes to maximizing space, drawer dividers are invaluable. They provide a clean and organized solution for boxing your items of various categories separately. With drawer dividers, you can separate your accessories from your dresses. You can further categorize them on the basis of color, season, fabric, etc.
  • Instead of picking a delicate nightstand only for the sake of complete appearance, go for a bigger side-table which has bigger drawers for storage. It might not look ‘delicate’ but, its worth the space it can offer.
  • If you don’t have space for closet, you can use the space under your bed with pull-out storage boxes, designed for under-the-bed use.

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