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Tips for styling your living room this spring

Living room is the area of your house where most of the time is spent by all the family members. Winters bring out the cozy vibes in you and you might have changed the living room into darker shades, fireplace and furry rugs for the warm feeling in winters. But with the coming spring, you might want to change the look to feel fresh and light. For that, there are numerous ways to style your favorite place in your house. This spring, we recommend you to enhance the refreshing feel of your living room and rejuvenate it by following these simple tips:

Match the fabrics with the shades of spring

The furry rugs and woolen blankets should be stocked up in the stores. Use light colored sheets, curtains and match them with your furniture. Of course, the spring furniture is lighter and occupies less space. So, it is better to lighten the feel of your living room. Use the following colors for your floor and couch cushion covers; matcha, tea pink, lavender, coffee nude, cream and sky-blue to give a refreshing and glistening feel to the ones who sit in the place.

Change the patio furniture

Winters mean staying in even during the day, especially when there’s no sunlight to soak. But with the spring on hand, you can add a small table with two chairs into the patio to change the aesthetics of your living area. Futurefurnitue provides such nice compact tables and stools for your living room and I recommend you try them.

Getting rid of the winter spirit

In winter you want everything in your home to give you warmth. This means piling up layers of sheets, thick curtains, dark furniture with woolen cushion covers. Grey and black shaded rugs and carpets. This spring remove these things and add a bit of glimmer of the blooms. Roll in the sheets in your storage space and feel the coolness of naked marble floors.

Deep cleanse your furnishing

With spring coming, I recommend opening up the windows to feel fresh air. Cleaning the carpets and every corner of the living room for a neat vibe. The furnishings must also be cleaned off all the stains which winter put on them as we were not ready to get up and clean much because of the ongoing pandemic lockdown. But changing our surroundings will help us return to a healthy life and spring gives us such an opportunity. This cleaning will give you a refreshing smell from your place; cushions, sheets, upholstery etc. all will look shiny and bright.

With the new season come the new accessories

This is my personal favorite. I recommend changing the color theme specially with small but inevitably visible items. Such as, a vase of roses on the glass top table, small lamps and wall hangings to complement the color theme of the living room. Removal of large floor cushions and adding small side tables with the couch or sofa. Adding an ottoman by the window side etc.

Adding décor on the corners to give a new look

Add décor shelves on the corners of the living rooms to put decoration pieces on. Wrap the poles of the décor shelves with fresh vines to give a green earthy touch. Use traditional table tops covers for a vintage 90s feel, you can also change them to the new tech era vibes according to your choice. But to have a nice table for that is a must.

What’s left? The floors!

The only thing which gives a quick dramatic change to the styling method of your living room is the floor upgrade. I do not recommend using carpets of floors in spring season. Rather, if you have wooden or marble floors in your living room, leave them as they are and remove all the coverings on them. So, don’t ignore the impact of floor. The more you remove the items from the floor, the more it looks spacious. Add small stools with the walls. I bought some from Futurefurnitures and it the best thing I bought this spring.

It doesn’t matter if you have a big living room with a lot of space or a compact small one, having the right sense of ambiance; how to place lights, their shades, using cotton curtains instead of blinders will give an earthy touch to your living room and if there are no visitors due to the lockdown, focusing on these small details will brighten up your day and will make you feel active even in the scenario of lockdown where life has become so dull and unenjoyable. So, get up and get going for the new ambiance and aesthetics to style your living room this spring and share them with others too.

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